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Recently, with the expansion of I-69 as well as other road-maintenance projects around the city, Corpus Christi drivers are at higher risk of construction-related car accidents. Construction on roadways means detours and unfamiliar driving patterns, which can cause confusion and heightened danger, even for local drivers. Construction also means debris, dust, and other obstacles such as large or slow-moving trucks. Construction workers are also at risk of being hit by cars. Historically, about 750 people every year are killed in work zone car crashes in the United States.

Another factor that may affect Corpus Christi drivers is the influx of beach-bound tourists during busy seasons, and the dangers that stem from this. Beach-goers who have been partying over the weekend or on holidays may have been drinking, which means an increased risk of drunk drivers. In 2018, there were 374 alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes in Corpus Christi and 135 possible injuries. Five people died. These statistics are alarming, but fortunately, DUIs have been decreasing nationwide.

Road Hazards

When roads haven’t been well-managed, it causes unsafe conditions for people driving on them. There are many ways a road can fall into disrepair, including:

  • Potholes – Large holes in the road can cause damage to vehicles as well as injury to passengers.
  • Uneven pavement – Roads that are too grooved, rough, or worn-out can also cause damage to vehicles. Improper traction may also lead a car to skid.
  • Improper drainage – Poor drainage design on a road can cause it to flood, which creates unsafe conditions for driving. In Corpus Christi, this may be especially dangerous during hurricane season.
  • Missing/poorly-marked signs – When a sign warning drivers about upcoming hazards is missing, damaged, or not made obvious, it can prove to be extremely dangerous when that hazard shows up further down the road. Speed limit signs should also always be visible to all drivers.
  • Missing/damaged safety features – Guardrails, speedbumps, reflectors, and other kinds of road safety features are necessary tools to keep drivers safe. When they’re damaged or missing, cars are at risk of running off the road or swerving into the opposite lane.

Dangerous Roads in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is one of the top 10 largest cities in the state, with a population of over 400,000 in the greater metropolitan area. Because of this, the city boasts access to many large highways. Unfortunately, these large and highly-trafficked roads are not always safe.


Interstate 37 is a major six-lane highway that runs 143 miles from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. Cutting a path straight through the city, west of the bay, I-37 is a central route in and out of Corpus that is highly frequented by locals and tourists coming from central Texas alike. Both the size of the highway and its high traffic make it one of the most dangerous roads in Corpus Christi. The speed limit on I-37 was raised from 70mph to 75mph in 2012, which also contributes to the severity of crashes.

U.S. 181

U.S. Route 181, which spans Nueces Bay by way of Harbor Bridge, is being rebuilt for the safety of the community. As it stands today, the bridge, which was built during World War II, has a higher accident rate than the state average. The new bridge, when completed, will be much safer and include biking and pedestrian pathways. The construction also affects portions of I-37 and means occasional road closures.

U.S. 77

U.S. Route 77 meets at a junction with I-37 at the Northwest corner of Corpus Christi. It runs all the way from Iowa down to Brownsville for a total of 1305 miles. The reconfiguring of U.S. 77 into I-69E near Corpus Christi has been underway since 2011, but the full project of creating multiple branches of I-69 that terminate in different east Texas cities is not complete. Because of the positioning of the highway at the mouth of the city, high speeds, and the continuing project to transform U.S. 77, drivers should be cautious and stay aware of their surroundings.

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