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Corpus Christi Product Liability Lawyers

Product liability laws uphold the idea that businesses need to consider consumer safety when they design, build, and sell their merchandise. Companies are legally expected to take reasonable care when making or distributing products, and that care involves a lot of energy and labor. For one, products, especially potentially dangerous products, should be put together well so that they do not become hazardous. Imagine a serrated knife with a poorly-constructed handle. An unsuspecting consumer could cut themselves if the handle slipped off in the middle of use. Companies should also think about any possible dangers that could arise when a consumer uses the product. Buyers should be warned about these dangers via safety warnings or age restrictions.

If you or someone close to you has been hurt because of a hazardous product, you could greatly benefit from legal counsel. Being injured in a product-related accident can affect many parts of your life. You might face financial distress due to high medical bills, lost work wages, or expensive property damage. At Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorney, our dedicated product liability lawyers believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer because of the negligence of a product designer, manufacturer, or distributor. You may be entitled to financial compensation from the party responsible for your injury. Our skilled legal team is ready to fight to get you the monetary recompense you need to handle the costs of your injury.

Common Product Defects

When we purchase a product, we assume that it will work as intended without posing any serious safety risks. This expectation is perfectly reasonable and just, considering the time and effort that is expected to go into safety. Unfortunately, far too many people each year wind up injured by defective products.

Some common product defects that can cause serious injuries include:

  • Unexpectedly sharp components
  • No age restrictions on dangerous children’s toys
  • Poorly wired circuits
  • Flammable chemicals or parts
  • Inadequate warning labels or safety instructions
  • The inclusion of dangerous compounds such as lead or other toxins

Types of products that could be defective include:

Often, the amount of danger posed by a defect depends on the product itself. Imagine a child’s swing set built with flimsy bolts securing the chains to the top bar. Consider a gas stove that stays on even when the knob has been set to “off.” Think about the potential costs of a smoke detector that has faulty wiring. When companies fail to make safe, quality products, the consequences can include serious injury, extensive property damage, even death.

Dangerous Products and Injuries

The National Safety Council focuses on community outreach and research in order to reduce preventable injuries. This nonprofit organization gathers data on injuries, accidents, and fatalities in order to identify widespread dangers. A shocking amount of injuries actually relate to products. Even discounting the number of injuries and deaths caused each year by building defects, hazardous machinery, and vehicle malfunctions, simple consumer items cause a disturbing number of emergency room visits. In 2013 (pg. 167):

  • 80,900 injuries were related to saws (hand or power)
  • 30,776 injuries were related to hammer
  • 54,004 injuries were related to bags
  • 381,354 injuries were related to knives
  • 380,288 injuries were related to chairs
  • 175,790 injuries were related to ladders
  • 1,452,269 injuries were related to floors or flooring materials
  • 86,620 injuries were related to lawnmowers

These numbers would not be as astronomically high if all of the companies involved in the design, construction, and distribution of products would responsibly attend to consumer safety. Some hazards could be avoided by the consistent use of quality materials, while other dangers could be eradicated by the simple inclusion of adequate safety instructions. All companies involved in putting products in consumer hands have a serious responsibility to think about safety. Even a small product defect can result in a serious, life-threatening injury.

Product Liability Law

It can be difficult for the average person to determine whether or not they have a product liability case, even if they have been injured by a defective or dangerous product. Many people assume that their injury was simply an accident and that no one can be held responsible for the damage caused by a defective product. It is important to remember that the law requires the companies behind a product to ensure that their customers are not put in unreasonable danger.

In fact, many different kinds of companies can be responsible for a dangerous, defective, or otherwise hazardous product. A product may cause a serious injury due to a:

  • Design defect: the product is engineered with flaws that make it unacceptably dangerous
  • Manufacturing defect: the product is well-designed, but it is poorly constructed
  • Marketing defect: the product is designed properly, put together well, but made dangerous due to a lack of safety warnings, age restrictions, or other distribution errors

When businesses fail to think about consumer safety, take necessary preventative measures, or build quality products, people can be seriously hurt. Imagine a company that makes childcare products. If a designer carelessly creates a toy for infants that includes small parts, a baby might choke. That child’s parents or guardians would have a strong product liability claim to cover any medical treatment, mental anguish, or future doctor’s bills related to the injury.

Product Liability Frequently Asked Questions

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident caused by a hazardous product, you probably have a lot of concerns. We have put together a brief list of common questions for your reference. If you have any other questions about your particular situation, feel free to call us at (361) 888-8808 to speak with a knowledgeable legal professional.

How much is my case worth?

It can be difficult for the average person to assess the amount of financial compensation they could receive for an injury caused by a defective product. The worth of your case depends on a variety of factors including the severity of your injury, the costs of your injury, and whether a third party can be held legally liable for the injury. Under product liability law, you may be able to recover fair compensation for:

• Past and future medical bills
• Medication
• Loss of earning potential
• Counselling
• Lost work wages
• Physical therapy
• Mental anguish
• Property damage
• Physical pain

A skilled product liability lawyer can help you catalog the costs of your injury, along with any property damage, caused by a defective product. Such a catalog can strengthen your case and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Why should I seek compensation?

Many people seek financial compensation so that they can handle the various costs related to their injury while they recover. Some individuals would be unable to afford medical treatment or take time off work without the monetary return you can secure through a settlement or lawsuit. Unfortunately, some victims assume that hiring a lawyer will be too expensive or the process will be too long or stressful, even in the event of a legal victory. That means that far too many people miss out on the financial compensation they need to cover the costs of their injury. An experienced property liability lawyer can have an open, clear conversation with you about any expected costs or time commitments before you decide whether or not to pursue your case.

Why should I choose Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorney?

With over 25 years of experience, our product liability lawyers have earned the skills and know-how necessary to handle the most nuanced cases. Our numerous legal victories and our high rate of client satisfaction both demonstrate our commitment to your best interests. We understand the costs, anxieties, and stresses that accompany any injury, and that makes us determined to fight for the maximum payout as quickly as possible. You should not have to bear the financial burden of an injury someone else caused.

Additionally, we offer our services on a contingency basis, so our costs and fees are tied to your legal victory. We guarantee that you will not have to pay us a single cent unless we win so that you do not have to worry about taking on more unpayable bills thanks to your injury.

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Getting injured by a dangerous product can impact every aspect of your life. You may be facing a host of medical bills relating to doctor’s visits, medication, physical therapy, or counseling. These debts may quickly become unpayable, especially if you are forced to take off work for recovery. Using up sick days or losing your income can put you in a dire financial position. Thankfully, there are legal options for handling the costs of your injury when you are hurt by someone else’s negligence.

If you or someone close to you has been injured by a defective or dangerous product, you may be legally entitled to financial compensation. At Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorney, our product liability lawyers can fight to get you the money you need to cover some or all of the costs of your injury. Contact us today at 361-888-8808 to speak with a knowledgeable legal professional about exactly how we can help you.

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