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When Bad Things Happen to Good People

We Deliver Respect & Justice

$33,000,000 Jury Verdict

Confidential Post-Trail Settlement
Trucking Crash / Defective Tire

After a multi-week trail, we obtained a jury verdict on behalf of the wife, adult children and estate of an elderly man who was killed when the front, left tire on a loaded concrete truck failed as it was traveling at highway speed on a Texas state highway…

$19,566,610 Jury Verdict

$7,414,494 Client | $6,440,000 Fees | $745,506 Expenses
Trucking Crash / Road Construction Negligence

We obtained a $19.566,610 verdict against a trucking company and a road contractor in Dimmit County, Texas case in which our client suffered a significant head injury. The 18-wheeler was operated by one of the nation’s largest interstate trucking companies and its driver rear-ended a passenger van driver…

$7,000,000 Pre-Trial Settlement

$4,033,037.24 Client | $2,800,000 Fees | $166,962.76 Expenses
Maritime Injury

A mother and her family anchored their bay fishing boat in the shallow waters next to Pelican Island, which is one of the “spoil islands” created by the dredging of the Corpus Christ Ship Channel. While they were playing on the beach and looking for shells, a large, heavily-loaded oil tanker passed the island…

$9,421,898 Jury Verdict

$391,385 Client | $452,500 Fees | $231,115 Expenses
Motor Vehicle Crash / Road Construction Negligence

We obtained, by settlement, the above portion of a multi-party lawsuit where there was a jury verdict of $9,421,898.44 in a motor vehicle/road construction negligence case in Nueces County, Texas. Our client worked for a subcontractor setting barrels in a highway construction zone…

Confidential Pre-Trial Settlement

Workplace Negligence

We were hired by the family of a workover rig floorhand who was killed while he and his co-workers were performing a “blind back-off” to release some stuck pipe in an oil well. Although the initial government investigation only faulted our client’s employer for his death, we filed suit and pursued claims…

$4,000,000 Pre-Trial Settlement

$2,054,792 Client | $1,600,000 Fees | $354,208 Expenses
Trucking Crash / Road Construction Negligence

Our clients were passengers in a van that was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler in a construction zone. They sustained severe back, shoulder and facial injury. Prior to the trial of our van driver’s case, we were able to settle the claims of the other van occupants.

Confidential Post-Trial Settlement

Auto Accident / Insurance “Bad Faith”

While working ‘of counsel’ to a Denver (CO) law firm, Blake Brunkenhoefer and his colleague, Rick Eddington, obtained a substantial, excess verdict in the State District Court of Weld County, CO. In that case, the client was an off-duty police officer who was rear-ended…

$2,000,000 Pre-Trial Settlement

$1,263,855 Client | $666,666 Fees | $55,371 Expenses
Trucking Crash

While working ‘of counsel’ to a Denver (CO) law firm, Blake Brunkenhoefer prosecuted a trucking case in the state district court of Maricopa County, Arizona. In this case, a one-truck trucking company (owned and operated by its only driver) was hauling a load over the Rocky Mountains…

$810,000 Jury Verdict

$376,326 Client | $300,000 Fees | $73,674 Expenses
Pedestrian Accident

We obtained an $810,000 verdict in Hidalgo County, Texas on behalf of a pedestrian who was struck in a crosswalk by a passenger transportation company van. He sustained severe head injury. We alleged that the van was speeding and, if the driver had been driving the speed limit, our client would have had time to clear the intersection…

$1,650,000 Pre-Trial Settlement

$879,955 Client | $660,000 Fees | $110,045 Expenses
Trucking Accident

We represented an oil field worker who was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler in South Texas. Our client suffered back and shoulder injuries that required surgery. As a result of our efforts, we were able to show that the truck driver was distracted or fatigued at the time of the crash…

Our Areas of Practice

Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Law is prepared to serve our clients anytime and anywhere. We will put you and your family on the track to physical, emotional and financial recovery after an accident. Our trial-tested lawyers are prepared to fight for you, whether your accident was catastrophic or minor. We can help you seek damages for all types of personal injury and wrongful death, including the following:

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Robert “Blake” Brunkenhoefer

R. Blake Brunkenhoefer
Serving You Anytime, Anywhere!

Our trial attorney has fought tirelessly against the largest insurance companies, major employers, and negligent parties to secure hundreds of millions of dollars by verdict and settlement on behalf of our clients.

  • Robert “Blake” Brunkenhoefer is a second-generation South Texas trial lawyer noted for litigating personal injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of accident victims and their families. He has been practicing trial law since 1992, he has tried cases to verdict in state and federal courts in several states, and he maintains an active, national practice. Blake has successfully resolved thousands of cases, many of which have resulted in substantial verdicts or settlements for his clients.

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