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Corpus Christi Machinery Defect Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by machinery defects in Corpus Christi, you need to know your legal rights and options. You may be entitled to compensation for your financial losses and other damages, such as medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Retaining the assistance of a dedicated product liability attorney may be vital to securing maximum compensation. The product liability lawyers at Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys will review your case in a free, no-obligation process to guide you through the process of seeking financial compensation.

Since 1992, Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys has represented personal injury clients in the Corpus Christi area who have been injured in all types of accidents, including those involving machinery defects. We have developed a proven track record of success, obtaining settlements and court verdicts for our clients due to our expertise with the complex issues of product liability law.

Our founding attorney, R. Blake Brunkenhoefer, is an esteemed member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a membership granted to attorneys who have obtained millions of dollars for their clients either through settlements, arbitration, or trials.

A second-generation South Texas trial lawyer, R. Blake Brunkenhoefer has also been awarded an AV rating by the Martindale-Hubbell peer review system, which places him at the top of the legal field due to his continued dedication to upholding the standards of the legal profession.

We fight to protect the rights of Corpus Christi residents who have suffered injuries from machinery defects. If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury due to defective machinery, contact Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys today at 361-888-8808 for a free case evaluation.

Do I Need a Product Liability/Machinery Defects Lawyer?

If you’ve suffered severe, life-altering injuries due to machinery defects, you may be anxious about how you and your family will move forward. Key concerns include including paying your medical expenses, missed work and lost income, who is responsible for what happened, and whether you should hire a lawyer.

As a victim of machinery defects, you may be entitled to compensation for the losses and damages you’ve incurred through no fault of your own. For example, you may be entitled to recover your medical bills, physical therapy, long-term care, lost income and earning potential, pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life. However, it is less likely that you will be able to recover the full compensation that you are entitled to under the law without the assistance of an experienced product liability attorney.

Pursuing a product liability claim can be a complicated, time-consuming process involving a lot of legal technicalities. Let Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys handle the burden of pursuing your claim, including filling out paperwork, gathering evidence, communicating with insurance companies, and negotiating a settlement with adjusters or defense lawyers, so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery and on getting your life back on track. You owe us no legal fees unless we obtain a financial recovery for you.

Why Choose Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys to Handle My Case?

When you’ve suffered injuries and losses due to machinery defects in Corpus Christi or elsewhere along the Texas gulf coast, you have many law firms to choose from to represent you in your claim for compensation. It can be challenging to determine which product liability law firm is best for you. Selecting the right personal injury law firm can impact the outcome of your case.

Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys can provide you with the practical, results-oriented legal representation you need due to factors such as:

  • Our experience – We have been helping clients injured by machinery defects and other accidents for decades. This means that we have the experience to respond aggressively to the tactics and tricks that insurance companies and defense lawyers try to use to avoid liability for defective machinery.
  • Our track record of success – We have helped numerous clients who have suffered significant, life-altering injuries to obtain substantial awards, providing them with the financial resources needed to recover from their injuries and cope with the lifelong residual effects
  • Our dedication to client satisfaction – While other firms hand cases off to junior associates, we give each client’s case the personal attention that it deserves. And we do not ask for a single penny from you unless we can obtain money damages for you,
  • Our award-winning legal team – Founder R. Blake Brunkenhoefer is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an award that recognizes our success in helping catastrophically-injured clients obtain the significant financial recoveries they need and deserve

Types of Cases We Handle

The product liability/machinery defects attorneys at Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys have helped numerous clients across the Corpus Christi area who have been injured by defective machinery. Some examples of defective machinery that cause injuries including:

  • Cutting machines
  • Folding machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Welding machines
  • Capping machines
  • Turning machines/lathes
  • Plastic injection machines
  • Die casting machines
  • Punch presses
  • Drill presses
  • Grinders
  • Printers
  • Rollers
  • Drying ovens
  • Hand trucks

Common machinery defects that we see include:

  • Inadequate safety guards or shielding
  • Defective shut-off switches or mechanisms
  • Defective electrical wiring
  • Inadequate safety warnings and use instructions

Also, our attorneys have years of experience helping clients obtain financial compensation to help with the recovery from severe and catastrophic injuries such as:

  • Bone fractures
  • Crushed appendages and other crushing injuries
  • Amputations
  • Eye injuries and blindness
  • Burns
  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis

No matter the specific defective machinery that injured you, or the injuries that you have suffered, the seasoned product liability/machinery defects attorneys at Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys have the knowledge and resources to pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that hiring a law firm is a big decision, which is why we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about machinery defects-related claims. Review them below and call us at 361-888-8808 today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case in more detail.

What kind of compensation am I entitled to?

When you are injured by defective machinery, you may be entitled to various forms of economic and non-economic compensation for your injuries. Economic damages include specific financial losses such as medical expenses, lost wages, or lost earning potential. Non-economic damages include more subjective losses such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, diminished quality of life, and loss of companionship and society.

Our product liability/machinery defects attorneys can help you seek compensation for your injuries from the manufacturers or sellers of the defective machinery that injured you or any other entity in the stream of commerce.

If you were injured by defective machinery on the job, we might also be able to help you get workers’ compensation benefits from your employer if your employer carries workers compensation insurance.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

The length of time needed to resolve your claim for compensation for injuries you have suffered from machinery defects depends on various factors. For example, if you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for your injuries, you may begin to receive compensation within a few days if your employer accepts liability and begins paying benefits.

If you decide to pursue a product liability claim against the manufacturer or retailer of the defective machinery that injured you, it may be possible to settle your claim within a few months.

However, settlement of your claim may not always be possible; in that scenario, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit to assert your claim. In that case, a lawsuit can take several years to resolve if the case goes all the way to a trial and a verdict. The timing depends in large part on evidence gathering (which is called discovery) along with the availability and scheduling of the court.

Why should I seek compensation if I’ve been injured by defective machinery?

Machinery defects can inflict life-altering injuries. Victims injured by machinery defects might be unable to afford the full range of treatment and time off work necessary to recover. Thus, pursuing a legal claim for compensation can provide you with the financial resources you need to get back on your feet.

Retaining an experienced product liability/machinery defects lawyer to represent you can give you the best chance at the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

Machinery Defects Statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 49,840 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses caused by machinery om 2017. Although not all of these cases were due to defects in machinery, defective equipment is a cause of a significant number of these injuries and illnesses.

For example, the BLS received reports of 90 cases of machinery or vehicle fire, 2,210 cases of exposure to electricity, 6,680 cases of being struck by a powered vehicle, and 10,400 cases of being struck by a discharged or flying object.

Contact a Corpus Christi Product Liability / Machinery Defects Today

The product liability/machinery defects lawyers of Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys have been fighting to protect the rights of Corpus Christi residents injured by defective machinery for almost 30 years. When you suffer a severe injury due to machinery defects and are left unable to work, we understand the financial pressures you face when bills start piling up, especially if you are the family’s primary breadwinner. We work tirelessly to get you the monetary compensation you need to pay for your recovery from your injuries.

If you have been injured by machinery defects in the Corpus Christi area, don’t wait another day to begin the process of seeking the compensation you need and deserve.

Contact the product liability/machinery defects attorneys at Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys today at 361-888-8808 or reach out to us online to schedule a free case evaluation. While we are tough on the people who hurt you, we strive for the highest level of care and kindness in our interactions with clients. And we are never afraid to take your case to court when justice requires it.

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