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Corpus Christi Fire Attorneys

If you have suffered injuries caused by a fire on another person’s property in Corpus Christi, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys is here to help you learn about your legal rights and alleviate the financial burden you are facing right now. We understand the severity of the situation you find yourself in, and we are committed to holding negligent parties responsible if people are injured or even killed on their property. Contact us today at 361-888-8808 to discuss the details of your case in a free consultation with one of our experienced Corpus Christi fire attorneys.

Do I Need a Premises Liability Attorney?

An attorney can help you win your case. With a deeper knowledge of premises liability laws, and ample experience helping other people win cases like yours, an attorney can handle the legal aspects of your case while you focus on the most important thing: your recovery. There are often many parties involved with premises liability cases, and the laws can be very complex to the layperson. It can be difficult to determine the at-fault party, so having a team of lawyers on your side who know exactly what to look for and which questions to ask can greatly improve your chances of success.

Why Choose Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys to Handle My Case?

Everyone at Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys truly values the relationships we build with our clients. We take the time to evaluate each case individually, exploring every detail and working tirelessly to make your case as strong as we can. Better yet, you pay us no fees unless you win your case. We’ve earned the trust of people all around Corpus Christi in the 50 years we have been defending the community, helping people who have been seriously injured and alleviating their financial burdens as they recover. We will aggressively fight on your behalf, while always treating you with the sympathy and respect that you deserve in this trying time. We understand the physical and financial pain fire-related injuries bring, and we’re here to help you through this difficult part of your life.

What Increases the Risk of Fires?

Texas premises liability laws maintain that a person must keep any property they own safe for visitors to that property. There are many measures property owners can take to prevent a fire, and when they do not, they put the safety of others at risk. Some of negligent actions that property owners may take that increase the risk of fires include:

  • Failing to maintain and repair electrical connections
  • Failing to install proper cooling mechanisms and ventilation for appliances
  • Violating building codes for room capacity
  • Failing to ensure safe operation of cooking equipment
  • Failing to limit flammable material on a property
  • Failing to supply working fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and/or sprinkler systems

Most fires are caused by an accident, but if the above preventative conditions are not in place, the negligent property owner could be to blame.

Types of Injuries That Result From Fires

Burns are incredibly painful injuries and the healing process can be quite long, depending on the severity of the burn. There are several different types of injuries one can sustain while escaping a burning building:

  • First degree burns: Burns to the outer layer of the skin. These burns are often easily treatable but should still be fully evaluated by a doctor.
  • Second degree burns: These burns cause deeper damage through more layers of the skin and often require trauma care, including extended treatment, surgery, or skin graphs.
  • Third degree burns: This is a serious injury in which all layers of the epidermis (skin) is burned. Recovery time is longer and hospital stay is often required.
  • Fourth degree burns: The most serious burns cause damage through all of the skin and into the tendons and ligaments.
  • Smoke or debris-related injuries: Even if you are not burned in a fire, heavy smoke can trigger negative and potentially life-threatening physical reactions, notably in your respiratory system, and especially if you have an existing condition.

Medical expenses for treating the above injuries can quickly become expensive, and you should not have to bear that burden alone.

Contact an Attorney Today

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury from a fire on someone else’s property, you deserve to be compensated for your suffering. The lawyers at Brunkenhoefer, P.C. Injury Attorneys are here to hold the negligent parties responsible and alleviate the financial stress that you’re under, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced premises liability attorneys today. Call us at 361-888-8808 to find out how we can fight for your rights.

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